Block-Lite Residential


For projects large and small Block-Lite has a variety of easy to install dry stack wall systems for retaining, freestanding, and garden wall applications.

Outdoor Pavers

Pavers have stood the test of time when it comes to creating beautiful and long-lasting driveways, walkways, and patios for your home.

Outdoor Living Kits

Extend your living room and kitchen to the backyard. Block-Lite offers a full line of affordable all-inclusive kits to create the outdoor living space of your dreams.

Exterior Bricks - Block-Lite

For a custom masonry home or small backyard project, Block-Lite manufactures an extensive variety of high quality concrete blocks to meet your project’s demands.

Residential Brick

Block-Lite offers a wide variety of gorgeous structural and architectural clay brick that allows you to make your home’s facade and landscaping shine.

bagged goods final

Block-Lite stocks a wide variety of high quality easy to use pre-mixed concrete, mortar, and grout. Along with a variety of other bagged products.

Aggregates Service

For playgrounds and sandboxes, or backyard fill and base material, Block-Lite has a variety of aggregates that make sure things go right for your project.

Tools & Accessories

For the skilled professional or the weekend warrior, Block-Lite has a full line of masonry tools and accessories to help get the job done right.


Check in to see upcoming sales, or come visit our yard as we often have a large selection of discounted and possibly even free products.

Residential Services

We understand that as a homeowner you take pride in your property and have a desire to not only add value to your investment but also create a beautiful and functional space that all your family and friends can enjoy. Masonry and hardscape products have stood the test of time in both form and function, creating homes and outdoor spaces that are not only stunning in their timeless appearance but are also capable of lasting a century with little to no maintenance.

Here at Block-Lite we have been serving our residential customers for over 50 years. Providing them with the highest quality products in the industry along with adding value by giving exceptional customer service with our knowledgeable sales staff, helpful loading personnel, friendly delivery drivers, and our abundant supply of valuable resources for the DIY enthusiast. So, whether you are planning to build your own masonry home, add a paver patio, install a retaining wall, or extend your living space outside with our large collection of beautiful outdoor living kits, Block-Lite has the products, resources, and connections to turn your vision into reality. We are your one stop shop for any masonry or hardscape project. Inquire today to see how we can help build your masonry home or hardscape space built for living!

Solomon Colors
Made In USA
Randy and Debbie Mews
Flagstaff, AZ
“As Flagstaff homeowners, Block-Lite has always been our go to place for all of our masonry and landscaping projects. Over the past few summers we've completed several projects including 2 patios with walkways, a courtyard, and several retaining walls. All of our pavers, block, and cottage stone came from Block-lite. As highly satisfied customers we'd like to thank Block-Lite for providing homeowners and contractors alike with quality products at an affordable price.”

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