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The emphasis here is on the paver face. It is flat with no chamfer. The overall look is somewhat cleaner and, in some cases, more compatible with contemporary architecture. The flat surface also offers a viable alternative to those who may have difficulty walking on an embossed or textured surface.  

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Having seen Aviano, most observers would conclude that Acker­Stone has not only replicated the classic look and feel of natural slate, but has further enhanced its appearance through the introduction of an excellent selection of rich color blends and popular shapes. All of which, allow for a good number of random laying patterns. 

Featuring a smooth surface defined by a clean chamfered edge, Paseo is ideal for any number of applications from traditional to contemporary. When installed in combination with other Acker-Stone styles, Paseo units can take any project from ordinary to extraordinary.

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Available Colors

Available Colors

Antique Kobble is available in a 2pc and 3pc combo. It remains one of the Region’s most popular pavers. These pavers are commonly used for patios, pool decks, outdoor kitchens, walkways and driveways. Please see the applicable paver form for additional specs and details.

Available Colors

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Antique kobble tumbled

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Available Colors

​Antique Kobble

The embossed finish gives these pavers a slightly distressed but very consistent appearance. The four well-proportioned shapes are designed to enhance the visual appeal of your project