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Concrete Masonry units

Click the following link to view our large selection of concrete masonry units.

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We stock our Burlap color in 8 inch split face and smooth Concrete Masonry Units. We stock most all other Concrete Masonry units in Grey. Any type of CMU may be special ordered in the following colors.   


Concrete Masonry Units Manufactured by Block-Lite are held to the highest standards in the industry. Our mission is to provide customers with products that meet their job specific needs, whether it be aesthetics, structural, or a combination of both. We are able to satisfy most all our customers requests considering our large selection of manufactured products. Block-Lite has another competitive edge in the block industry due to our natural local aggregates that allow us to produce the lightest block in the industry. The advantage to a "lite" block is that it allows masons to lay more block per day, which in turn, greatly reduces labor cost.