07 Sep 2018
Northern Arizona Products Kitchen Cabinet BlockLite

You’re ready to begin building your dream Flagstaff, AZ outdoor living space, and you’ve chosen the perfect Block-Lite outdoor kits to make it someplace really special that your family and guests will enjoy. If you’re like most people, selecting the right time to begin your project has left you with questions about which season is best. Should you start in the winter while it’s still cool? How about summer while the days are long?

The answer: it depends. Any season can be a great time to install an outdoor kit, but there are some pros and cons to different times of year that can make certain seasons lend themselves to more satisfying results. Here are some factors to consider when planning your project.

Spring Forward

Spring is a great season to put in features that you’ll use regularly through the summer months. Waterfalls help keep comfortable moisture in the air during hot days, so installing them before it gets truly sweltering can make for nicer summer evenings. Grills, outdoor ovens, tables, bars, and seat walls will see frequent use for your summer entertaining, so having those in place in time for your Memorial Day grill-a-thon is a great idea as well. Plus, the drier days during spring months allows your installation team to work more efficiently, so the project can be completely more quickly. For many outdoor kit projects, spring is a great choice.

Summer Doldrums

The warm, rainy monsoon season during June, July and August often makes summer a difficult time for outdoor kit installation. Occasionally, dangerous heat indexes can prevent installers from working but more often, heavy rains slow or prevent progress. You can still opt for a summer installation but be prepared for some delays and plan in extra time to allow for the project to be completed safely.

Fall in Love

Once the rain has finally stopped and the hottest days are behind us, fall is the time to install outdoor kits for heating features such as fireplaces and fire rings. These beautiful kits create the cozy, comfortable space that makes outdoor living so enjoyable, and there’s no better time to put them in than just before the temperatures fall. Walls and pillars are also a good choice for fall installation. Make sure you plan enough time to complete the project before temperatures drop below the recommended range for effective installation.

Winter Wait

The only season where installation will be truly difficult is through the coldest winter months. Heavy snows, freezing temperatures, and frozen topsoil will make outdoor installation frustrating. For your own peace of mind, wait for warmer days to begin your installation project.

These are just a few suggestions for times when installation will feel most natural and progress at the smoothest pace in Flagstaff, Arizona. Your unique needs may suggest another time when installation will be more beneficial, and Block-Lite is ready to help whenever you’re ready to begin. If you’d like to install your Victorian Fireplace outdoor kit in June, we’re happy to serve your needs. Call us today to order your beautiful outdoor kit and start planning your installation!

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